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In every case our approach remains consistent. We work closely with our clients and in close collaboration with the clients own employees.

XISTGroup is here to help for those short-term or long- term assignments.

Let us take your worries away…

Technology is constantly evolving. Technology and the successful exploitation of it can deliver competitive advantage.



Change management is the core of what we do at XISTGroup.

We recognise and empathise with the difficulties that people, companies and projects encounter.

For the best exploitation of internet marketing in this digital age, let us at XIST2 help you..

If you own a business, or are setting one up, getting a company brand or website that you are happy with can be challenging.


You can spend months and sometimes years before you find something you like, but as we all know, time is money.


What we at XIST2 like to do is to take care of all the business essentials, such as logo and website design, trade marks and official business documents.