Interim Management

We are here to help for those short-term or long- term assignments. Let us take your worries away...


XIST_Interim_Management XIST Group Interim Management provides talented interims across a broad range of UK business sectors.

Our interims are not only well qualified to undertake a traditional temporary role, they are also able to assist in a variety of roles.

XIST Groups interims will typically fill senior roles within an organisation.

Our interims bring the following qualities and attributes to each assignment:

  • Adaptable: by quickly becoming productive in demanding environments, with a focus on delivery;
  • Networked: by building relationships, establishing credibility and adding value to the organisation;
  • Responsible: by joining the management team and taking executive responsibility (with accountability to client management);
  • Realistic: by addressing the time constraints faced by permanent staff
  • Dispassionate: by operating in an objective manner – independent of the surrounding working environment;
  • Knowledgeable: by bringing wisdom, talent and experience from similar previous roles